Valec (Otherwise known as Vãlek in it's local language) is a Diarchy owning land primarily on the islands of Valec, Kebec and Lauburu. They have had quite turbulent history, and many cultures are present within Valec borders.

Translation into Valec language:

Valec (Lãr jeí-lu pelõ Vãlek fár tevâ ðkey kunȩ) kuteí-lu cu Bo̧er voyen hðv-lu lanen boím-kui un õs õraśta aś Vãlek, Kebec, Laobõru. Ŕayśta hðv-lo põkka erajø kiílínu, te gora polkes kuteí-lu fár lanen-lhõvãlek.


Around the time written Valec came around, a man known as "Ralø" (Ralao) had already conquered most of the Valec island. His Kingdom is the first ever recorded nation in Valec, and to this day still the nation closest to owning all of Valec at once.

Valec Map 244

244 - AD

He was a cruel man, a bitter narcissist. He saw himself far superior to the tribesmen he conquered. The tribesmen in return, hated him for this. Inspired by his idea of a Kingdom, some tribes rebelled. However some of these rebellions were more organised than others, such as the Kievo and Czapkan rebellions who were led by turncoat generals. By 253 AD Ralø's empire had already witnessed the beginning of it's downfall.

Valec Map 253

253 AD

The rebellions of Kievi and Czapka skyrocketed in success, and through either bitter conflict or merging with their rebellious neighbors, the two managed to strike fear even into Ralø himself. By 262, his empire was in shambles.

Valec Map 262

262 AD

Czapka was purely interested in securing land for itself, and defending it as best they can. So upon seeing rebel forces they promptly showed their good will, and offered to keep to themselves. Kievi on the other hand, recognised that Ralø's empire was in a very weakened state. They took advantage of this, and practically walked through Ralø's land. Upon conquering the last stronghold of Ralø's empire, he was promptly executed.

After having occupied Ralø's territory, his kingdom was no more. On hearing of this news, the Czapkans had an idea. They proposed to the Kievi, an elective Diarchy (Diarchy is a government type ruled by two monarch-like figures.) in which the two Diarchs are the supreme authority, but Czapka and Kievi remain mostly independent with their own governments.

Thusly, Valec is formed by the House of Kievi and The House of Czapka.

Valec Map 263

267 AD

Roughly around 270 AD, during the midst of a land feud between Kievi and Czapka, a cultural group on the far south of Valec forms a faction and claims independence. They are known as "Castelo".

Valec Map 270-0

270 AD

These Castelo separatists lay claim to all regions with a Castellan majority. Kievi, fearing that going to war with these separatists would provide Czapka with an easy military opportunity whilst Kievi is distracted, begrudgingly accepts. The Diarchs agree that offering Castelo the ability to join the Diarchy is a good idea. Castelo accepts. They are now a House in the Diarchy.

Valec Map 271

271 AD

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